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Holiday and Private Lessons

We have a variety of activities going on during the February half term, please see below for further details. All activities can be booked online by clicking the Book Now link on the right of this page.

Intensive Swimming Courses

Our learn to swim courses in the school holidays are perfect for those whose lifestyle does not suit weekly lessons. They are also great for those who need extra practice on particular skills, who need a confidence boost, or who have never done any swimming before.

The courses consist of 4 consecutive days of 30-minute sessions and are suitable for children aged 3+. The following types of course are offered:

  • Beginner courses are for children who have limited or no swimming experience and cannot swim more than 5 metres without aids. If you are already having lessons with us, these courses are suitable for children in Preschool or Stage 1/2 classes. 
  • Improver courses are for those who are able to swim 5 metres on their front AND back without flotation aids. If your child has weekly lessons with us, they should be in a Stage 2/3 class to be eligible for this course.

In February half term we are running Beginner courses as follows:

  • Monday 19th Feb - Thursday 22nd Feb 9am-9.30am each day
  • Monday 19th Feb - Thursday 22nd Feb 9.30am-10am each day

Intensive courses are £50, and this must be paid in advance, at the time of booking.

Private Lessons

We have additional private lessons available to book during February half-term if there is a particular skill or stroke that your child is struggling with in their regularly group sessions, or if you'd like to give your child a gentle introduction into swimming. 

  • Monday 19th Feb 11.30am - 12pm
  • Monday 19th Feb 12pm - 12.30pm
  • Thursday 22nd Feb 8am - 8.30am
  • Thursday 23rd Feb 8.30am - 9am

All private lessons are £28 and this must be paid in advance, at the time of booking.

Stroke Workshops

A new introduction to our normal school holiday offerings, we will be running the following stroke workshops in February half-term, so if there's a particular stroke your child is struggling with, this will be the perfect opportunity to work on it. The sessions are longer than our usual group lessons, so will give plenty of time to achieve perfection. Please note that these workshops are aimed at children who are in a Stage 3/4 class or higher.

  • Tuesday 20th Feb 10.30am - 11.15am - BREAST STROKE
  • Tuesday 20th Feb 11.15am - 12pm - FRONT CRAWL
  • Wednesday 21st Feb 11am - 11.45am - BACK STROKE
  • Wednesday 21st Feb 11.45am - 12.30pm - BUTTERFLY

ONE TIME SPECIAL OFFERTo celebrate this new feature on our timetable, we are offering these stroke workshops at a discounted price for ONE TIME ONLY! All sessions will be £5 for February half-term (future price of £7.50) - that means you get a third off the normal price. This amount must be paid in advance, at the time of booking.



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