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Pool Parties

Make your child’s birthday party an experience that they will never forget.

Let us take the stress out of organising your childs party, with our tailor made parties.

Party Package

  • Pool Parties60 minutes free water play in the pool enjoying our pool toys and inflatables.
  • 60 minutes in the party room for your guests.
  • Buoyancy aids provided for all non-swimmers.
  • Seating provided on the poolside & reception for all parents who wish to stay.
  • Suitable for children 0-12 years.
  • Minimum of 10 children with minimum party cost being £140 (including deposit) - any children over this number will be charged at £10 per head.
  • Maximum of 17 swimmers, and there must be a certain amount of people over 16 years to accompany children in the water which is included in this total of swimmers in the warer -  see below for child:adult ratios

Our Add On Services - 

  • Personalised Party Invitations
  • Room Decoration

Safety Rules

We would like your pool party to be brilliant fun, but it needs to be safe too.

Chessgrove Swim is a non-diving pool. No diving will be allowed at any point during the party.
Our staff will identify any swimmers who will need to wear buoyancy aids.

You must supervise children in all areas of the building including the changing rooms and in the party room.

All children must be signed in and any details of medical conditions disclosed to staff before they enter the water.

Unsafe behaviour in the water will not be tolerated, and swimmers will be asked to leave the water if they do not adhere to our rules.

There are required ratios of children and adults in the water which must be adhered to, as well as a maximum bather load of 17 which cannot for any reason be surpassed (this number must include any required adults in the water)

Child : Adult Ratios in the water

  • Children 0 - 3 years old = 1:1
  • Children 4 - 7 years old = 2:1
  • Children 8 and over = 4:1
  • If all children are in buoyancy aids it may be necessary to adjust ratios so that non-swimmers have more adult support in the water
  • Please be aware that Chessgrove Swim is not responsible for providing any adults required in the water
  • To discuss your specific needs, please call us and we will be able to instruct you on what ratios are necessary

Other Information

  • Parties are currently available on Saturday afternoons 1pm - 3pm. If you have another day or extra times in mind ask our Admin team as we will strive to make it possible.
  • Parking is available on site
  • A deposit of £40 per party is payable to secure your booking, with the balance payable 2 weeks prior to your party.
  • A double system of swimming nappies must be worn at all times for any swimmers who are not toilet trained. This is a disposable swimming nappy as the first layer with a second layer of a snugly fitting nappy cover to prevent any leaks.
  • Chessgrove Swim staff will lifeguard the pool at all times.

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