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Thorough hygiene procedures to ensure the highest possible standards

Over the last 12 months, Chessgrove Swim has developed industry-leading hygiene procedures, in part to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and in part to guarantee the highest possible standards across the board.

A one-way system is now in place throughout the centre to separate incoming and outgoing clients. Adults and children change poolside and all belongings are moved to the changing areas by our staff until after each lesson. There is no access to changing areas prior to lessons.

All lessons have scheduled time gaps between them, to allow the expanded cleaning teams to fully disinfect the poolside area and chairs. Our teams also attend to the disinfection station for pool equipment, disinfect the changing rooms, toilets (which are also cleaned between use), plus all items in public contact such as door handles etc.

Each swim lesson consists of two separate groups of four in the pool, this creates a naturally socially distanced environment for all swimmers. The coaching team each wear full face visors in the water throughout.

As an additional precaution, all the mains water faucets are thoroughly flushed on a daily basis.

These rigorous processes have been put in place to not only ensure the safety of our clients and staff, but to also meet the very high standards set by the Chessgrove Swim management team.

Our goal is to provide a class-leading facility and service to the immediate area and beyond for many years to come.

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