Babies have a real affinity with water and our baby swimming lessons help to improve coordination, balance and sleep patterns.

Baby Swimming Lessons

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Mother and baby swimming

Baby swimming lessons offer a truly rewarding family experience

Babies have a real affinity with water and baby swimming lessons help to improve coordination, balance and sleep patterns. It’s a fun and sociable activity and in our luxurious, warm pool, you can take part whatever the weather. All lessons are taught with an emphasis on fun, and we include plenty of songs, games and toys in every session. Our baby swimming lessons include submersions which are an important part of learning to swim, but they are not the main focus of the sessions.

“My twin toddlers have been coming to Chessgrove swim since they were about 6 months and they love their lessons. They are very confident in the water and their swimming is coming on leaps and bounds! We see a progression every week. Brilliant teachers, brilliant pool and brilliant facilities – the best teaching pool we’ve seen.” – Mother of Gabriel and Mia (aged 2 1/2 years).

For bookings contact us on Tel: 01527 821 978 or go to our contact page.

Baby swimming lesson

Benefits of baby swimming lessons

Babies love to be in the warm water and it is great fun to watch their swimming progress, but there are many other benefits that result from joining our baby swimming lessons. Baby swimming lessons help:

  • Develop baby’s fitness. Swimming strengthen the muscles, ligaments, heart and lungs.
  • Improve baby’s sleep patterns & appetite, and helps your baby to relax.
  • Develop baby’s motor control, agility, coordination and balance.
  • Equip baby with vital lifesaving skills and develops an awareness of danger & respect for the water.
  • Develop baby’s social stimulation with other children and adults.
  • Develop the bonding between parent and child, with plenty of skin to skin contact.
  • Parents to gain confidence with their baby in a water environment and teaches them new skills.

For bookings contact us on Tel: 01527 821 978 or go to our contact page.

Baby in swimming pool

Baby swimming course structure

Baby swimming courses are 10 weeks long, and courses run 5 times a year. Each baby swimming lesson is 30 minutes long and has exclusive use of the whole pool. To give you the best mix of individual attention and social interaction, our teachers are in the pool with you, and a maximum of 8 babies are booked into each lesson. Most babies start swimming with us aged between 2-6 months but you are welcome to start at ANY age, and we will guide you into the right class for you.

Our next course starts the week commencing 20th June 2022, Bookings are now being taking for these courses call us on 01527 821978. Please note we can only confirm your space once full payment has been received. We currently have a special offer on whereby the cost of the 10 week course for new members has been reduced to £159.50. For full terms & conditions of this offer please see the special offers page, linked on the right-hand side.

For bookings contact us on Tel: 01527 821 978 or go to our contact page.

Mother and baby swimming lesson

Introductory / taster baby swimming sessions

Baby swimming taster sessions take place in our luxurious pool with a qualified teacher and are a way of trying out our baby classes before committing to a full 10-week course and for baby to enjoy his or her first swim.

You can find out where we are, what the pool is like, meet the teachers as well as other new parents/guardians and babies. We run these sessions regularly throughout the year, but spaces are limited and they are really popular. 

The sessions cost £12 to book your space, and once you have taken part in the session you will then receive a taster pack full of info regarding our baby swimming courses. If you then go on to book onto one of our 10-week courses,  £5 will be taken off your course price.

Bookings can be made by contacting us directly – payment is required at the time of booking.

For bookings contact us on Tel: 01527 821 978 or go to our contact page.

Father and baby swimming

Baby swimming lessons programme

At Chessgrove Swim, we have incorporated the Birthlight baby swimming techniques into a structured programme. Skills are developed week by week, and new exercises are introduced to compliment the developmental stages of the babies and the reflexes they exhibit.

All baby swimming lessons are delivered with a safe, sensitive and fun approach. Learning to swim is like learning to crawl or walk, it requires practice! So exercises are repeated at first, then extended and developed. The course is divided into 4 key stages, Baby 1, 2, 3 & 4. Baby 1 has an emphasis on building baby’s water confidence in a gentle manner.

Parents learn how to hold their baby so they are positioned correctly in the water to encourage their swimming. Basic skills and submersions are learned and will then be built on in the Baby 2 course. Baby 2 introduces more movement and splashing practices as well as developing baby’s water confidence further. More advanced submersions and activities are practised to encourage babies to kick in the water. Baby 3 encourages babies to become more independent in the water.

There are still lots of exciting swaying, splashing and movement activities and submersions will be practised without parents giving cues. By the end of baby 4, a baby will become much more independent and new activities and games are practised so that the babies are ready to work on ASA Ducklings Awards and will be ready to progress into a toddler swimming course.

Mother holding baby in swimming pool

What to wear for baby swimming lessons

All infants need to wear special swim nappies, not ordinary disposable ones, as these will not hold in any leaks and will become extremely heavy when wet. At Chessgrove Swim, we enforce a double nappy policy.

This system comprises of either a disposable swim nappy or a washable swim nappy as the base layer with a snug fitting neoprene nappy on top, like the Nappicova from Konfidence, or the Happy Nappy from Splash About. This gives a closer fit around the legs and the waist giving a good seal and prevents any solids leaking into the pool. A swimsuit, trunks, wetsuit or UV suit may NOT be substituted for the nappy cover, as it will not prevent leaks, although they can be worn as well, if you wish.

Babies tend to be slippery when went, so if you are using any creams on your baby, it is quite a good idea for baby to wear a swimming costume on top of the nappy, to give you something to hold onto!

Family swimming with baby


Parents will need to go into the pool in all the baby swimming classes. It is not necessary for the parents to be able to swim. The pool is 1.2m deep and you will not be out of your depth at all. We try to be as flexible as possible in lessons, and we do not expect the same parent to come swimming every time. We have baby swimmers who regularly come with Grandparents.

Childrens Swimming Pool


Due to the current issues regarding COVID-19 we only allow ONE spectator per swimmer on any of our parent led lessons. No photos may be taken without prior permission.

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