Nursery Age Swimming Lessons

Chessgrove Swimming Pool

Nursery Age Class Structure

Our Nursery age classes are:

Mini Movers 14mths – 2 years

Toddlers 2-3 yrs

Preschool 3-4 years

Mini Movers

The mini movers’ classes are the introduction level to the nursery series at Chessgrove Swim.  These classes are aimed at children 14 months to 2 years old. The scheme of work is designed to encourage water confidence, introduce the basics of how to travel through the water, and to teach the swimmers about water safety.


The toddler class is aimed at children ages 2-3 years. This is where we begin to encourage independent swimming. The children learn about how to travel through the water without the constant contact from their parent/guardian, learn about buoyancy, and develop their strength in the water.


Preschool is the final chapter of the nursery series; we spend time in these classes getting the children prepared for mainstream lessons.  All techniques taught are designed to get the swimmer ready for complete independence from their parent/guardian.

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Toddler cuddling mum in swimming pool

Certificates and Class Ratios

Following the Swim England Discovery Duckling and The Duckling awards, week by week the children go through the different achievements to collect certificates demonstrating their abilities.

The teacher to swimmer ratio for these classes are 1 to 8 for Mini Mover and Toddler and 1 to 7 for Preschool, each child must have their own parent/guardian and the teacher teaches from in the water.

All NEW mini movers, toddlers and pre-schoolers are offered a free trial session which allows you take part and experience what Chessgrove Swim has to offer.

For bookings contact us on Tel: 01527 821 978 or go to our contact page.

Chessgrove Swim

Benefits to attending nursery age lessons

  • The swimmer gets a whole-body work out, it helps to strengthen the child’s heart and lungs.
  • The child will begin to recognise and respond to specific words which can make them sharper mentally, increasing their levels of awareness, and improves the communication skills between them and the parent/guardian.
  • Swimming lessons for toddlers really helps towards the development of important higher brain functions, develops core muscles and we often see them developing earlier than non-swimming peers.
  • Regular swimming often improves eating and sleeping patterns
  • Swimming is an amazing bonding activity between the child and the parent/guardian which can really help to develop their relationship.
  • Teaches important personal survival skills and reduces the risk of drowning
  • Encourages healthy living
  • Teaches the children classroom discipline from an early age, they begin to listen and respond to a teacher.
  • Encourages confidence around water
  • Meeting new friends and having lots of fun!
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