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A Swimming Pool with Values

Chessgrove Swim

Chessgrove Swim is a family run business and we pride ourselves on offering the very best learn to swim journey in the area and have an enviable reputation for service and quality.

Specially Designed Pool

Our specifically designed state-of-the-art learner swimming pool is built to a very high standard and is the perfect setting to learn to swim. Our pool is heated to achieve up to 33°C, just the right temperature for the ideal learning experience.


At Chessgrove, we understand how important your child’s safety is when swimming with us and we take pride in knowing all of our staff are first aid trained and that our facility is upheld to the highest hygiene standard.


We take great care in our facility and carry out a rigorous cleaning regime. Here at Chessgrove, our specialist cleaning team are on site every day, cleaning the swim school and ensuring the facility is safe for our customers. We always go that extra mile, and in 2022 we invested in a UV light system that filters the water, killing bacteria and pathogens meaning our water is cleaned to the highest standard. As well as this we have also implemented a weekly pool vacuuming regime which removes excess detritus from the pool water. All of this, coupled with our equipment all being on contracted maintenance plans ensures our pool is a safe learning environment.

Pool Temperature

Here at Chessgrove we understand the importance of the learning environment which is why we feel it is important that we always aim to achieve 33°C water temperatures; this being the optimal temperature for learning. Ensuring your child is relaxed in the water is paramount to effective learning, as it increases focus which in turn aids development. There are many other benefits to swimming in warm water such as, stimulating the relaxation of muscles and increasing circulation, all of which aid your child’s growth and development both in and out of the pool.  

Qualified Teachers

Our instructors are all first-aid-qualified swimming teachers, with all desk staff also being first-aid trained. Our instructors are passionate about swimming, which we believe is vital to the quality of education which we provide.

Small Groups

We know how important swimming is as a skill, that’s why we teach in smaller groups to ensure that the skill can be thoroughly taught and that we can provide value through education. Our approach is designed to provide the best possible outcomes for each student.

Health and Fitness

Chessgrove Swim also understands the greater importance of Swimming and how learning such a skill can not only be lifesaving in the event of an emergency but also keep children’s hearts and lungs healthy and improve strength and flexibility. This depth of knowledge and understanding of the physiological and psychological benefits of swimming is what sets Chessgrove Swim apart from the rest.


Finally, we believe in including and empowering everyone who swims with us, no matter the individual. Inclusion is at the heart of our values as we believe everyone should have the right to learn to swim as it is an essential life skill.

Childrens Swimming Pool

Our Sustainable Approach

We pride ourselves on always going above and beyond and we are always aiming higher. As a team, we have encapsulated our beliefs into four main core values – Inspire, Care, Educate and Empower.

Investment In Sustainability

Chessgrove has an unwavering commitment to the environment and operates its businesses according to a set of six principles which govern how we generate and use energy, our processes, and the everyday use of materials which makes us one of the most sustainable businesses in our industry. We use the advantage of owning our facilities to provide the most sustainable lesson proposition available anywhere.

Biomass & Solar

Specific to Chessgrove Swim, the pool and building are heated by biomass.  All electricity is generated by solar panels when the weather allows, and EDF supplies electricity from 100% renewable sources at other times. All of our waste is sorted locally to minimise the amount that is returned to landfill.

Chessgrove invested in emerging biomass technology in 2005 which proved to be a great success. In the last 11 years, we have invested over £1 million in an efficient, comprehensive biomass system to fuel our warehouse and offices, including the supply of heating and hot water. Burning biomass is as near to carbon neutral as any energy source, with flammable plant matter being burned to release energy in the form of heat and power.

Over the winter of 2023, Chessgrove has made further investments of £250,000 into biomass and hopes that this helps to stabilise the pool temperature and ensure that we are achieving our target temperature of 33oC.

New Hygiene Process

During the Christmas break, we also invested in the specialised cleaning of our floors throughout the building. Throughout Chessgrove, all tiles were rotary cleaned using diamond brushes and pads with all grouting flushed and cleaned. This process took four days to complete and left the swim school clean, sparkly and ready for action.

Future Development Plans

In the coming months we would like to invest further in our swim school and are looking to make the following changes and introduce the following ideas:

  1. Reconfigure the changing rooms to maximise space for customers.
  2. Implementation of Chessgrove Ways – Alongside the Swim England criteria we have our own additional Chessgrove standards that we like our Swimmers to achieve. This year we will be looking to implement additional criteria which will see children learn safety awareness and survival techniques to ensure all our swimmers are as safe as possible when swimming outside of lessons.
  3. Pyjama week!!! We all remember how much fun it was swimming in clothes when we were younger. We are going to be bringing that fun to Chessgrove with pyjama weeks in our lessons, learning those all-important skills of swimming to safety whilst in clothing.
Chessgrove Swimming Pool

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