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Aqua Baby Sensory

As our world is ever changing and the rate it travels at, child development professionals have reported that our children are not as physically and mentally developed as they were 15 years ago.

The studies have shown that technology we are using has created a barrier when bonding with our babies.

Think… How often do we say, “I’ll just check my phone” and then get stuck in a worm hole of social media and google searches. Our lives are totally run via technology.

Our lives are now a lot busier than what they were, and we have to use every spare minute to ensure everything on our to do list is completed, the pressures we have to live a perfect life are huge and that impacts on some of the unspoken important elements.

As a nation the variety of activities available for us to take our little ones to is huge, but are we really engaged with the activity we are doing?

On a personal note, I take my son to football classes, and I use the time to catch up on emails and phone calls rather than embracing the activity and watching his sessions. The next time you take your little one to an activity take a look around and see how many parents are actually watching the session and how many are looking at a screen.

With a lot of information now being released regarding this we thought about what we offer at Chessgrove. Our baby sessions are a perfect opportunity to have an undisturbed session where you can totally divide your entire attention to your little one. The bonding opportunity is amazing.

Our starting point was to look at the sessions in our current baby classes and then what other elements we could bring into the sessions. This is where we found Aqua Sensory. Aqua Sensory is a class that is all about diving into our little one’s senses to develop strength, confidence and security and not forgetting the all-important bonding time between care giver and their baby.

We have undergone a series of new courses to ensure we have all of the latest information so that we can write our new scheme of work. The plans we have put together follow the ethos of ‘learning at the babies’ rate’.  There are no time frames and pressures which means we can relax and enjoy the sessions and allow the baby to learn to communicate with us in their way so know how to support and develop them.

The schemes of work have been written using information about general milestone targets for each set age group. The classes are now split into 5. Baby Sensory (0-4months), Baby Seahorses (4-6months), Baby Seals (6-9 months), Baby Turtles (9-11months) and Baby Stingrays (11-14 months).

The babies will only move into the next group when they hit the next age category.

We are really excited to be the only swim school in the Worcester area to be offering this type of lesson and we hope that all of our customers will love attending them and taking away a lot more from these session.

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